10 Things To Know About the House Of Hope

  1. The House of Hope was founded in 1978 to address unmet critical emergency needs in Garrett County
  2. The House of Hope is ecumenical and non-denominationl. We help anyone who really needs it.
  3. The House of Hope does not seek nor accept any form of government funding. This frees us to use our funds in the most efficient ways.
  4. The House of Hope was one of the earliest private, county wide non-profits in Garrett County.
  5. The House of Hope has four free emergency food pantries throughout Garrett County. There are pantries in Hoyes, Grantsville, Deer Park, and Oakland.
  6. The House of Hope assists with a wide variety of essential needs in emergency situations. Food, heating oil, emergency housing, and other needs have been provided when needed.
  7. The House of Hope does not duplicate services. If there are other agencies available to satisify the need, the House of Hope helps people to find what they need. If there aren't any other resources available, the House of Hope can help, serving as a safety net for those who fall between the cracks.
  8. The House of Hope moves to a supportive role when others assume a primary service. We help in emergency situations and provide support for finding available longer term aid.
  9. The House of Hope assists in emergencies when others are not able due to physical or governmental restrictions.
  10. The House of Hope endeavors to minister with charity, justice, good stewardship, and common sense.

2018 Marks 40 Years of Caring

As concrete as the house at 202 S. 4th Street, the House of Hope has served unmet emergency needs in Garrett County since 1978.

Offering a lifeline to those who must, at times, depend on the broader community for survival, the House of Hope exists to serve our Garrett County community.