Let us open our hearts to each other and form a new community...

A Community of Caring

The House of Hope is not an agency but a network of concern whose members cooperate to reach out to others when there is serious need.

The resources of the House of Hope are primarily directed to short-term emergency situations, where quick response and flexibility are critical. Founded in 1978, this network continues its outreach as a caring community through the commitment of its members, who give in so many ways by staffing the pantries, answering calls one day a month, occasionally shopping, or helping with a situation when their particular talents are needed.

What is the House of Hope?

A non-denominational, non-profit "network of concern" particular to Garrett County.

What Does It Do?

Provides short-term emergency assistance to those in need who cannot receive this particular help anywhere else.

Who Can Receive Help?

Anyone who has a legitimate need that cannot be met by any other existing agency or organization ... the people who fall between the cracks.

How is the House of Hope Funded?

Solely by free will donations. The House of Hope does not receive funding from local, state, or federal government organizations.

What Types of Assistance are Offered?

As varied as are the needs -- very often assisting people being served by agencies both government and private, when their program guidelines restrict action.

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