About Us

The House of Hope does not take a one size fits all approach to people's problems. Refraining from the use of words like client or program, the members of the House of Hope try to work with individuals or families based on their own circumstances.

A Community of Caring

As concrete as the house at 202 S. 4th Street and as abstract as a community of caring, the House of Hope has served unmet emergency needs in Garrett County since 1978.

Ecumenical and non-denominational, relying solely on donations, neither soliciting nor accepting government funding, the House of Hope provides flexible, individual and immediate aid to those in crisis.

Offering a lifeline to those who must, at times, depend on the broader community for survival, the House of Hope is a vital link between the members of our community.

A Commitment to Service

  • Food -- Operates four free Food Pantries in Hoyes, Grantsville, Deer Park, and Oakland to fight and prevent hunger in Garrett County.
  • Fuel/Utilities -- Provides advocacy and direct assistance in emergencies that put people at risk due to lack of heat in the cold winters of Garrett County.
  • Shelter -- Provides advocacy and direct assistance to those at risk for homelessness due to natural disasters or financial crisis.
  • Medical -- Provides advocacy and direct assistance to those whose health is threatened due to lack of resources for treatments and prescription medicine.
  • Other -- Any other unmet emergency need according to individual circumstances.

A Network of Concern

An umbrella for other area non-profit organizations and community agencies when their more regimented program guidelines and funding restrictions limit action.

A safety net for those who fall between the cracks because they do not fit and therefore fail to receive help through established program guidelines.

A commitment to service and strong sense of stewardship combined with the generosity of time, talent, and resources within our community have resulted in the House of Hope.